I came to see Elliott suffering with various clinical pains and I noticed a big difference after the first session. My pain was a lot more manageble and it helped me to cope much better with work and driving to my clients, which was essential for me! - Anne

I was going through a really tough and stressful time in my life and Elliott helped me to put things in perspective! The stress just seemed to fade away! - Alan

For years I have wanted to do something about my body and shift unwanted weight and after four weight loss sessions with elliott I was on the road to achieving that. I am thankful for him giving me the tools to lose the weight. - Megan

I kicked the smoking habbit! In one session I can now call myself a non-smoker! - Peter

After suffering with my sleeping pattern I decided to give hypnotherapy a go. After a few sessions with Elliott I am now able to enjoy a good nights sleep. - Helen